Taras Pohrebniak

Привет, меня зовут Тарас Погребняк.

Я продакт-менеджер, автор и разработчик.
Каждый день я работаю над AI и Digital Mental Health.

Моё "Почему"

В 2017 году я впервые пережил тяжелую депрессию. Я обнаружил, что это не то испытание, которое "делает нас сильнее". Депрессия делает тебя слабым, не давая ничего взамен.

В целом, 67,5% людей, страдающих от проблем с психическим здоровьем, не получают помощи. Я хочу решить эту проблему.

Сейчас я работаю над стартапом Elomia — нашей долгосрочной целью является создание ИИ, способного заменить психолога для миллионов людей, которым страшно или которые не могут позволить услуги психотерапевта.

Мои Mental Health продукты

Elomia ↗

An iOS app with an AI-powered friend that listens, understands, and provides mental health support 24x7.

It's my second startup on the mental health market. Right now we almost finished our tech and trying to get product-market-fit.

It was publically mentioned by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskiy and covered by many media outlets.

«№1 Ukraine-based early-stage startup» — uFuture
DreamSpace ↗

In 2017, I founded an online marketplace that made it easier and cheaper for people looking for a therapist to find one. The service matched therapists with patients, and provided billing and telemedicine solutions in Ukraine.

Другие продукты

LskaBots ↗

In 2015, this started as my freelance project and turned out to be one of the first chatbot companies on the CIS market. We developed solutions for companies like MDK, BurgerKing, and others. Our chatbots served more than 10 million users in 30 countries.

AI Poetry
Poetry AI ↗

A pre-GPT era chatbot that created poetry. This started as a pet project and was acquired by a top Russian entertainment service two months after launch.

/dev/null ↗

I owned the entertainment part of Tproger Media, and led the content production team. Over two years we built a community from zero to 200K members. Today, about two million people interact with our projects on a monthly basis.

Secret Chat
Secret Chat ↗

I built a decentralized P2P messenger with 2048 bit RSA encryption. It works in browser and was written in just 50 lines of JavaScript. No installation, no login, no databases. Just copy a repository from GitHub, and you are ready to go.

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